Admin Features

Oversee internal and external communications, operations, and resources using one end-to-end solution.

Online Enrollment and Admission

Registrars can monitor enrollment status, encode to the student database, upload academic records, and distribute sections and schedules.

Online Enlistment

  • Subjects
  • Schedules

Online Enrollment

  • Payment Plans
  • Payment Schedule

Analytics and Reports

Managers can have a check and balance on the institution's performance, human resources, and income and expenses.

Finance Reports

Analysis and Reports (Forecasting)

  • Subjects
  • Schedules

School Management

Have a broad to narrow perspective of the school's operation in one glance.

School Calendar

Curriculum Management

Schedule Management

Class Management

Tuition Fee Management


Report Card Generation

Administrators, Teachers, and Students

  • Payment plans
  • Payment schedule
  • Scholarship and Discounts
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