Education beyond the classroom.

The opportunity to learn is borderless. It’s not confined by space nor distance.
It is a lifetime journey.

Connected is an all-in-one solutions application for running your educational institution. It simplifies online classrooms, administrative works, improves accessibility of information, facilitate internal and external communications, and provide data visibility for all aspects of the school.

Product Overview

Online Enrollment

User-friendly portal for inquiry,
enrollment and payment.


Conductive, straightforward, and
data-friendly online classrooms
for boundless learning.


A web system to monitor student
progress, faculty development,
and other institutional data.

Designed to help


Oversee internal and external communications, operations, and resources using one end-to-end solution.


Handle classes in contextualized online classrooms according to their desired approach.


Have a secure and private access to the system through an account and have a wide range of available resources through online classes.